How to use and maintain your axe

See our extensive collection of usage videos on how to make the most of your axe.

How to use and maintain your axe

See our extensive collection of usage videos on how to make the most of your axe.

Right splitting technique

Watch our video guide on how to split wood in a safe and effective way, to get the more one-strike splits.

Right splitting technique

How to use felling lever as sawing support

Sawing wood on the ground can make your saw blades dull easily. You can easily use our felling lever as a sawing support, making it easier to saw and keeping your saws sharp

How to combine felling lever with log tongs for easy carrying

Moving long heavy logs can be very arduous tasks. You can easily attach our log tongs to the felling lever, allowing for two persons to lift the logs together.

How to use long sappie to easily move logs

With the help of long sappie, you can easily move long logs, or also lift up logs for splitting, without straining your back.

How to safely split logs

If your splitting block is too low and you miss the log, you’ll have less time to react. This is because of the shorter distance and the direction of the axe swing. These factors increase the potential for serious injury to your legs, so always make sure your splitting block is high enough.

How to use a sappie when splitting logs

It’s easy to tire your arms and back when splitting logs. By using a sappie to lift logs onto the block, you can save yourself from unnecessary aches and strains. Once you need to use your axe, you can stick the sappie into the side of the block.

How to split logs with one strike

To ensure you split your logs faster and more efficiently, be sure to avoid brank marks. Where possible, always target at cracks that are already visible. This way you’ll get a lot more one-strike splits.

How to split unevenly cut logs

To begin with, cut a slight angle on the top of your splitting block. When you lay unevenly cut logs on it, they’ll be at the perfect angle for splitting.

How to sharpen your axe

The easiest way to sharpen your axe is by using our Xsharp sharpener. Firstly, choose the angle for your axe blade, and then do between three to five even, horizontal strokes. To make sure the blade is sharp enough, see if you can carve a mark on the surface of a log.

How to split logs with a wooden wedge

Using a wooden wedge can make splitting logs loads easier. Once you’ve created the first crack, use a small piece of wood to keep the crack open, giving you an easy target for the final hit.

How to use the log hooks and tongs together

Moving big logs alone can be a tough business. Happily, our innovative design enables you to connect your log hook to your tongs. This way your buddy can use the extra handle to give you a helping hand.

How to use a sappie to make chopping kindling easier

Chopping small kindling can sometimes be a little tricky. One way to do it faster and safer is to hold the log with your sappie instead of your hand.