Training scissors, Red
Training scissors

Training scissors, Red

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  • Fiskars Training scissors have a special training lever with spring-action that helps teach preschoolers ages three and up how to cut with scissors​
  • When activated, the training lever automatically opens the blades after each cut, letting kids focus on closing them as they learn to cut paper
  • Once the child has mastered the act of closing the blades, the training lever can then be flipped back up for traditional, open-and-close cutting ​
  • Safe, metal blades are covered in plastic, while blunt tips provide added safety​
  • Two wide, symmetrically-sized handle loops are easier to grip – no matter how they choose to hold the scissors ​
  • Optimized opening angle allows kids to comfortably open blades without losing their grip, ultimately offering better control​
  • Ideal for kids ages 3 and up​
  • Accommodates both right- and left-handed users​

Every child is a creative genius, and the only limit to their self-expression should be their own wildest imaginations. Fiskars Training scissors are thoughtfully designed for small hands and creative minds, with safe, plastic-covered blades and a special training lever to help children learn fundamental scissors skills. When the training lever is engaged, the scissors open automatically, allowing preschoolers to focus on closing the blades as they learn how to cut through paper. Once this skill has been mastered, the training lever can be flipped up for a more traditional open-and-close, “big kid” cutting action. Plastic-covered metal blades cut paper, while blunt tips provide added safety. Wide handle loops are designed for younger children, ensuring a comfortable, easy grip, no matter how they hold the scissors. An optimized opening angle also helps kids open blades without losing their grip for improved control. These scissors are ideal for preschoolers three and older, because every creative genius deserves the right scissors at the right age to express themselves.

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