Left-handed big kids scissors, ombre blue (15 cm)

Item #: 1067854
  • Left-handed big kids scissors feature longer blades for older, left-handed kids working on more advanced projects
  • True left-handed scissors with reversed handle design
  • Fun ombre-printed blades in colours that kids love
  • Complementary coloured handle has SoftGrip™ detailing for added comfort
  • Ergonomically designed handle has a larger finger loop so that kids can fit four fingers, providing excellent control
  • Left-handed, kid-tested handle also has a comfortably sculpted thumb loop
  • Blades are optimised for use on all classroom materials
  • Ideal for kids ages 8-11
  • Length: 15 cm

Every child is a creative genius, and the only limit to their self-expression should be their wildest imaginations. Fiskars left-handed big kids scissors are thoughtfully designed for growing hands and creative minds, with longer blades to pursue more advanced projects and a left-handed, kid-tested, ergonomic, SoftGrip™ handle. The fun ombre, pointed-tip, stainless steel blades easily cut through classroom materials for frustration-free creating. The complementary handle, designed specifically for left-handed 8- to 11-year-olds, has a larger finger loop and thumb loop, both with comfy SoftGrip™ details, for excellent control. Big kids scissors are the perfect step-up for older kids because every creative genius deserves the right scissors at the right age to express themselves.

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