Kids animal scissors, Panda (13 cm)

Item #: 1004613
  • Fiskars Kids animal scissors feature innovative, safety-edge blades with a safer blade angle
  • A blunt tip provides added safety while cutting all classroom materials
  • Fun, bright handle showcases your little ones’ favourite animal and gets them excited about learning how to cut
  • Ideal for kids ages three and up
  • Length: 13 cm

Every child is a creative genius, and the only limit to their self-expression should be their own wildest imaginations. Fiskars Kids animal scissors are thoughtfully designed for small hands and creative minds, with safety-edge blades, a blunt tip for added safety, and super fun details that reflect kids’ favourite animals. Teachers and parents appreciate the safety-edge with a safer blade angle. An ambidextrous handle features a cute, cuddly panda to spark your little ones’ imagination and get them excited about cutting. These scissors are ideal for children three and older, because every creative genius deserves the right scissors at the right age to express themselves.

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