Xact Composting Fork Large

Item #: 1003687

Fiskars Xact Manure Fork is a beautifully designed fork for handling manure and compost. Lightweight materials and solid ergonomic construction ensure comfort in use while its Push-Pull handle gives the user proper control.

Fiskars Xact Manure Fork as its name suggests is the solution for composting and shifting manure. This fork features broadly spaced sturdy steel tines which are perfect for lifting bulk materials. The angle of the lightweight composite and steel shaft is ergonomically angled to avoid back strain while its SoftGrip enhanced Push Pull handle ensures control and comfort when composting.

  • It is the best tool to lift, turn and spread loose material like grass, hay, weeds, leafs, compost and other garden waste.
  • The thin and sharp tines that are more widely spaced and curved than in a garden fork can be pushed easily into the compost and chunky material doesn´t get stuck in the tines.
  • Upright shaft helps the composting task.
  • Suitable for all heights of users.
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