Fiskars QuikDrill

QuikDrill™ M

Item #: 1000638

Fiskars QuikDrill™ M is the medium sized option of the Fiskars Soil Drill and as such is a great companion when you are perennial planting, aerating and mixing compost and installing medium sized posts. The benefits of the Fiskars QuikDrill™ are clear - when you are drilling soil it leaves a smooth edged hole without getting stuck on small stones or roots. The tool's handle is made from FiberComp™ (a fiberglass reinforced polyamide) to make it extremely strong while its steel tube shaft is designed for maximum strength when digging a hole. The efficacy of this tool is created by its dual cutting action with two optimally angled and sharpened blades. Each Fiskars QuikDrill™ comes with the possibility to use Plus Parts are attached to the shaft with screws. This tool has a working diameter of 150mm.

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1100 mm