X-series™ Telescopic Snow Shovel

Item #: 1057188
  • Fiskars® X-series™ Telescopic Snow Shovel has an adjustable handle for an efficient, ergonomic way to clear snow off front steps, walkways and more
  • Adjustable telescopic handle lets you adjust the shaft length for optimal ergonomics
  • Patented metal blade lasts 3x longer and cuts easily into hard-packed snow
  • Lightweight, anodized aluminum shaft is easy to use and built to last
  • Durable, reinforced polymer scoop is cold-resistant up to -30ºC
  • Large, angled D-shaped handle featuring SoftGrip™ is sized for use with winter gloves and keeps wrists in a comfortable position
  • Textured, non-slip grips offer better control, reduced hand fatigue and additional insulation against the cold
  • Advanced new scoop design made with a low-friction material that allows snow to glide off
  • Made in Finland/Poland

Ideal for easy, quick and efficient removal of snow and slush from front steps, porches, walkways and sidewalks, the Fiskars® X-series™ Telescopic Snow Shovel features a deep scoop and a telescopic handle that adjusts to different lengths, guaranteeing the best user ergonomics. A patented, reinforced metal blade offers 3x more durability, while a durable, lightweight aluminum shaft makes it easy to use. Non-slip grips offer better control, reduce fatigue, and help keep your hands warm. A large, D-shaped handle can be used comfortably with big, winter gloves, while its angle helps keeps wrists in a comfortable, ergonomic position.

Made in Finland, this shovel features a reinforced polymer scoop that is cold-resistant up to -30ºC. Built to last, it also features a new advanced scoop design made with a low-friction material that allows snow to glide off easier.

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1200 / 1392mm