MyFirstFiskars Trowel & Cultivator set (2pc)
Outdoor Tools for Kids
MyFirstFiskars Trowel & Cultivator set (2pc)
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MyFirstFiskars Trowel & Cultivator set (2pc)

Item #: 1062471
  • Fiskars MyFirstFiskars Trowel & cultivator set includes two quality tools sized just-right for kids’ hands
  • Long handles allow for multiple grips
  • Cultivator features sturdy tines for cultivating, aerating and loosening soil
  • Made of fiber-reinforced materials for durability
  • Soft, spongy grips for comfort
  • Fun, bright colors (chosen by real kids!) make them easy to spot – and difficult to lose
  • Extra-large hang holes for easy storage
  • Includes no small parts for safety
  • Ideal for children ages 3 to 9

Kids will love digging, planting and playing in the dirt with Fiskars MyFirstFiskars Trowel & cultivator set, which includes two real, high-quality tools designed just for them. MyFirstFiskars gardening tools are designed to fit small hands and big imaginations, because childhood should be filled with squishy bugs, twisty mud tunnels and fantastic everyday adventures. The trowel and cultivator are sturdy, lightweight, and just the right size and weight for small hands, with no small parts for safety. Both tools feature a long handle that allows for multiple grips, as well as squishy, soft grips that are comfortable to hold. The cultivator also has sturdy tines for cultivating, loosening and aerating soil. Made with durable, fiber-reinforced materials, each tool also features an extra-large hang hole for easy storage, and fun, bright colors chosen by real kids that make them easy to spot and difficult to lose—no matter where their adventures lead!

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