Solid Universal Garden Rake head

Item #: 1014917
  • For raking long, loose grass or branches
  • Excellent for preparing planting beds
  • Levelling function to even the soil bed.
  • Complementary to Solid Shart (article No. 1014913)
  • Spare part for rake (article No. 1003466).

Filling and levelling the ground needs a good soil rake but what could be better than a solution that not only does that but is also suitable for raking grass. The Solid Universal Garden Rake is, therefore, a great choice for somebody who appreciates multifunctionality from their tools. So if you need a rake that does both soil preparation and rakes leaves, this is the right tool for you.

Its solid construction and sturdy prongs allow for easy raking and offer a versatile solution to the leaf rakes in the Solid range. For perfectly raked lawns and levelled beds, this tool is hard to beat.

Product number
Product article number
International Article Number (EAN)
410 mm
152 mm
250 g