PowerLever™ Grass And Hedge Shear GS53

Item #: 1001565

For cutting grass, hedges and small bushes, you need a garden hand tool that can take care of business neatly and efficiently. Fiskars PowerLever Grass and Hedge Shear is just that tool. With handles made from FiberComp™ (a fiberglass reinforced polyamide) to make them extremely lightweight and strong you can work without hand fatigue while the tool's efficient PowerLever™ mechanism optimises the power output. This means that you can cut up to 10mm thick stems at the base of the blade and the long handles mean that you can reach up to 2.5m among the higher branches. Working low is also made possible with the same long handles which means that you can work in an upright position to prevent muscle strain and backache. Further ergonomic relief is created by an adjustable cutting head which adjusts up to 270°.

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899 mm