AdvantEdge™ EN

AdvantEdge™ Punch System

Item #: 1004687
  • Create perfect borders and ribbons with interchangeable design cartridges.
  • Works with all AdvantEdge™ and Standard Interchangeable Cartridges. Includes a standard cartridge adaptor.
  • Includes the AdvantEdge™ Cartridge Flower. Also works with standard Fiskars® Interchangeable Cartridges (Cartridge not included).
  • Starter set includes: one base, one AdvantEdge™ cartridge and one adaptor.
  • Slide-and-lock technology holds paper while punch cartridge slides from one lock-in slot to the next for a perfectly aligned border or ribbon.
  • Interchangeable punch cartridges (sold separately) make it easy to add a different border or ribbon to your next project.
  • Largest border punch on the market punches deeper designs and larger shapes.
  • Magnetic paper clamp holds paper firmly.
  • Spring-action handle makes punching easier than traditional border punches.
  • Available in two punch styles: borders and ribbons.
  • Accommodates Fiskars® standard-size interchangeable border punch cartridges when used with the adaptor.
  • Punches through paper up to 210 gsm
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