Hard Face

The toughest cookware for the toughest challenges.

Hard Face

The toughest cookware for the toughest challenges.

Hard Face – For tough use

Fiskars Hard Face has been designed to endure the toughest challenges. Made in Fiskars’ Sorsakoski factory in Finland, the wide assortment includes products that will make you succeed in all cooking tasks. The range offers efficient heating and even heat distribution on all hobs and is dishwasher proof. The Hardtec Superior coating of the aluminium pans and casseroles has outstanding non-stick properties that last even intensive use. The Hard Face family now also includes products in high-quality stainless steel perfect for boiling and water-based cooking.

Hard Face – For tough use

New Hard Face products in stainless steel

Now the award-winning Hard Face collection has been extended with a range of high-quality stainless steel products. The casseroles have no coating, making them long-lasting and perfect for water-based cooking and boiling. The high, rounded edges of the casseroles further enhance the boiling suitability. In addition to the all-steel products, the range includes products for frying and sautéing, which are finished with long-lasting Hardtec Superior coating.

New Hard Face products in stainless steel

Try the toughest coating

The Hardtec Superior non-stick coating lasts even the most intensive everyday use. In addition to having outstanding non-stick properties, it is dishwasher proof.

Experience the best casserole

The Hard Face casserole is the smartest casserole on the market. The silicone-edged lid is silent, non-scratching, and easy to handle. The two different pouring options on the lid are made for easy pouring, and silicone nobs prevent the lid from sticking to the kitchen counter.

Collect the wide assortment

In addition to superior durability, Hard Face has a unique and modern design. Our wide assortment ensures that you will find the perfect product for all cooking tasks.

The #ChooseToughness Challenge

Have you ever cooked a meal from ingredients you foraged from the wild, or tried to prepare a traditional meat dish without using any meat? These are among the four challenges presented over four weeks in the #ChooseToughness contest!

Twelve Scandinavian food bloggers, four from each country, have already accepted the challenge. To make the task a little bit easier, the bloggers will be equipped with some of the toughest pans available – Fiskars Hard Face.

Vote for the blogger you think handled the challenge best on our Facebook page and challenge yourself and friends to join, too! Follow the challenge and share your endeavours using the hashtag #ChooseToughness

Week 1: The nature challenge

Prepare a meal for which you retrieve at least three ingredients from the wild.

Food bloggers participating:

Maria / aichasmat.no

Anders / ikoketmedanders.se

Nadia / foodfanatic.dk

Week 2: The tradition challenge

Prepare a traditional national meat dish without using any meat.

Food bloggers participating:

Mari / vegetarbloggen.no

Maria / allthingsgreen.nu

Maria / vanloseblues.dk

Week 3: The vegan challenge

Cook a totally vegan meal for your most carnivorous friend.

Food bloggers participating:

Ina / matpaabordet.no

Agnes / cashew-kitchen.com

Louisa / louisalorang.dk

Week 4: The local challenge

Prepare a meal using only ingredients that are produced within 100 km of your place of residence. 

Food bloggers participating: 

Silje / spoon.no

Diana / bydiadonna.femina.se

Ann-Christine / valdemarsro.dk

How did it go?

How did the different bloggers and countries handle the four challenges? Explore the delicious results by clicking on the flags below.