Taiten titanium knife set (2pcs)

Item #: 1066834
  • Modern design, incredible performance. Precision that inspires.
  • Taiten Knife set, 2pc has a Large cook's knife for general cutting and a Paring knife for peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables
  • Innovative titanium blades keep knives ultra-light, reducing arm strain and enabling extreme precision and ease of use
  • Revolutionary LZR-EDGE™ technology, with titanium carbide particles on cutting edge to keep blades sharp up to 4x longer than standard blades
  • Ergonomic, three-dimensionally patterned handles provide a perfect grip
  • Ultimate corrosion resistance for exceptional long life
  • Stainless steel bolsters and end caps ensure perfect balance
  • Handwash recommended, sharpen only with sharpening stone
  • Titanium is non-magnetic, so knives cannot be stored with magnetic solutions e.g. a magnetic rack or knife block
  • Do not use to cut exceptionally hard items, such as frozen food or bones
  • Large cook's knife blade length: 20cm
  • Paring knife blade length: 10cm
  • Designed in Finland
  • 25-year warranty

Fiskars Taiten is innovation that empowers imagination, with kitchen knives that offer total control during every step of your creating process. The Taiten Knife set, 2pc includes a Large cook's knife and Paring knife, each with a titanium blade for exceptional lightness, enabling incredible precision, quickness and ease. Revolutionary LZR-EDGE™ technology, in which titanium carbide particles are lasered onto the cutting edge, keeps the blades sharp up to 4x longer, compared to standard knives. Titanium also offers ultimate corrosion resistance for longevity. Dynamic, three-dimensionally patterned handles provides a comfortable grip. Stainless steel bolsters and end caps ensure perfected balance. Please note that titanium is not a magnetic material, so these knives cannot be stored with magnetic storing solutions, e.g. a magnetic wall rack or knife block. Due to the special titanium blade, we recommend sharpening only with sharpening stone and handwashing. Please do not use to cut exceptionally hard items or frozen foods. 25-year warranty. Designed in Finland.

Product article number
International Article Number (EAN)
32,5 cm & 22 cm
4,6 cm & 3 cm
107 g & 51 g
Blade length
20 cm & 10 cm