Personal Data Description

A description of personal data file in accordance with section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99).

1. Controller

Fiskars Finland Oy Ab (hereinafter “Fiskars”)
Business ID: FI19036089
Hämeentie 135 A, P.O. Box 130, FI-00560, Helsinki, Finland
Tel: +358 20 43 910
Fax: +358 9 604 053

2. Person in charge of personal data issues

Consumer Service
c/o Fiskars Finland Oy Ab

3. Name of the personal data file

Customer Data Register. Register based on customer or other cooperation relationship with Fiskars.

4. Purpose of the personal data use

The purpose of processing the personal data is managing customer relationships and other cooperation relationships, administration, marketing and distance selling, as well as planning and developing the business activities of Fiskars, companies which from time to time belong to the Fiskars group of companies and companies belonging to the Fiskars franchise chain.

Any registered data may be used to marketing, business development or similar purposes of Fiskars and/or its affiliated companies including companies in its franchising chain and its cooperation partners. Such purposes may include direct marketing also in electronic form and focusing on marketing. In order to provide the data subject benefits, offers and other content relating to his/her personal interests the registered data can be analysed and used together with other data contents for forming profiles and groups to be used in focusing marketing and other communications according to the data subject’s likely interests. The data may also be extracted to any other customer register of Fiskars.

Fiskars can outsource data processing activities to third-party service providers.

5. Content of the personal data file

Information relating to the following groups and their change data may be handled in the personal data file:

Basic information, such as:
Name, date of birth, sex, language, email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, profession or title, name and contact details of the company, marital status, size of the family, screen name and photograph.

Information relating to registration of the product or to other objective connection, such as:
Identification data related to the use of Fiskars’ services, such as different customer programmes: customer number, user name and password; information on purchases made; product registrations (incl. warranty registrations); date of becoming a customer; information related to invoicing, debt collection and guarantee; interests announced by the data subject; recordings of the customer calls; direct marketing permissions and prohibitions as well as data subject’s actions on the Fiskars’ web site and mobile services, such as cookies sent to the browser and information received through them (e.g. IP address, data subject's behaviour on Fiskars website); and the data subject’s activity in Fiskars' social media channels.

Data related to offers and purchases as well as other communication, such as:
The benefits, services and campaigns directed and offered to the data subject and the use thereof; feedback, claims and other communication and measures related to the customer or cooperation relationship; purchases made in Fiskars’ stores, outlets and web stores; date of the purchase, products purchased (number and price of the products purchased and the total sum of the purchase), information relating to the products, to the warranties as well as to the processing, delivery and returning the goods.

6. Regular data sources

Information is mainly collected from the data subjects at the beginning of and during the customer or other cooperation relationship. The information may be collected also through cookies and other equivalent techniques when the data subject uses Fiskars’ electronic services by any data terminal. Additionally, the personal data may be collected also from third parties to the extent permitted by law.

Information may be collected from other registers of Fiskars and its affiliated companies including companies belonging to its franchising chain.

Personal data updates may be received also from authorities, organizations and companies that offer such updating services as well as from public registers and other public sources.

7. Regular data extraditions and transfers outside EU / EEA

Fiskars may disclose information within the limits of the applicable legislation. Data may be disclosed from the file for marketing purposes of Fiskars’ cooperation partners unless the data subject has prohibited such disclosure. The receiver of the information may not disclose the data further.

Fiskars may also disclose and transfer data to such communities outside of EU / EEA with which Fiskars has agreed in writing of adhering to the level of Finnish data protection in accordance with applicable Finnish legislation thereof, or the disclosure takes place due to other legal foundation. 

Fiskars may transfer personal data to Fiskars’ direct marketing registers after the customer or other relationship ends unless this has been prohibited by the data subject.

8. Protection of the personal data file

Only designated Fiskars’ employees or employees of the companies acting on Fiskars’ behalf or on its assignment have an access to applications of personal data file databases by the personal user rights granted by the controller. User accounts on different levels have been created according to each employee needs in order to carry out their duties. Systems are protected by a firewall which protects the personal data file from any contacts coming outside Fiskars.

Documents including manually handled information, customer data and data relating to cooperation partners are stored in a locked and fireproof area after their pre-handling. Only designated Fiskars’ employees or employees of the companies acting on Fiskars’ behalf have access to manually handled data.

All Fiskars’ personnel, as well as employees or employees of the companies acting on Fiskars' behalf or on its assignment, is required to keep confidential any personal data received through their work tasks.

9. Rights of the data subject

The data subject has a right to review the data relating to him/her that is saved to the personal data file. The request for such review has to be made in written form to the person in charge of the data issues. The request has to be signed. The request may also be presented at the controller’s main office at Fiskars Fiskars Finland Oy Ab, Hämeentie 135 A, 00560 Helsinki.

The data subject has a right to prohibit the handling and extradition of the data relating to him/her for direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing as well as for market- or opinion Gallups by contacting the controller. Additionally, the data subject has a right to request for correction of incorrect data and removal of his/her data from the register by contacting the person in charge of data issues.