How to use sharpening steel on knives?

You can sharpen your everyday knives very effectively with a durable steel rod. See a quick video, read our tips and sharpen your favorite knives to perfection with Fiskars Functional Form™ Sharpening steel.

See how a sharpening steel works:

  • A traditional sharpening steel sharpens your knives quickly and easily
  • Five to six simple passes should keep your knife perfectly sharp and working like new
  • Maintain a consistent 15-20° angle all the way through each stroke – start the stroke from the blade at the handle, sliding the blade along the Sharpening steel all the way to the tip
  • Wash and dry knives with a cloth after sharpening

See how a sharpening steel works:

Features & benefits

  • Fiskars Functional Form™ Sharpening steel sharpens your everyday knives with a durable steel rod
  • Ergonomic SoftGrip™ handle with provides a comfortable and safe hold
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Sharpening steel length: 202mm
  • Effective and fast way to sharpen your kitchen knives 

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