How to use a roll sharpener?

Sharpening a knife is a challenging task for most of us. Luckily there is an easy and fast solution for keeping your favorite knives sharp and safe. See our tips on how to use a Fiskars Roll-Sharp™ and worry no more about dangerous dull knives in your kitchen.

Follow these steps

Roll-Sharp™ is suited for all Fiskars knives except Titanium due to a titanium blade. Its sharpening angle of 40 degrees and grind type fits most kitchen knives.

1. Rinse water

Rinse water inside the sharpening whole for making the ceramic stones inside wet to improve the cutting result.

2. Placing and sharpening

Place Roll-Sharp on a flat surface and move the blade of the knife backwards and forwards through it. 15–20 times should be enough.

3. Ready to cut

Remember to wash your knife after sharpening – and you are ready to do your cutting tasks!

Features & benefits

Extend the life of your knives with safe and easy to use Fiskars Roll-Sharp™:

  • The easiest and fastest tool for sharpening knives – also the safest way to do it!
  • Integrated ceramic grind stone for smooth sharpening
  • Optimal sharpening angle for most knives
  • Non-slip silicone base for safe usage
  • Handle part for good grip
  • Suitable for most knives, especially with stainless steel blades
  • For right and left-handed use.

Features & benefits
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