How to use a roll sharpener?

Sharpening a knife is a challenging task for most of us. Luckily there is an easy and fast solution for keeping your favorite knives sharp and safe. See our tips on how to use a Fiskars Roll-Sharp™ and worry no more about dangerous dull knives in your kitchen.

Follow these steps:

  • Place Roll-Sharp™ on a flat surface and push the blade of the knife backwards and forwards through it. 15-20 times should be enough!
  • Wash your knife after sharpening
  • It's sharpening angle of 40 degrees and grind type fits most kitchen knives
  • Roll-Sharp™ is suited for all Fiskars knives except Titanium

Follow these steps:

Features & benefits

Extend the life of your knives with safe and easy to use Fiskars Roll-Sharp™

  • Non-slip silicone base for safe usage
  • Durable Ceramic stone for long life
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compact size to store
  • Suitable for most knives, except Titanium. Fiskars Titanium knives can only be sharpened with a whetstone

Features & benefits
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