How to clean knives properly?

Knives are the most used items in any kitchen. Keeping your favorite knives clean and sharp is important for enjoyable and safe cooking experience. Read our tips about how to clean and maintain Fiskars knives correctly and give your favorite kitchen knives a longer life. 

Cleaning knives


Norden, Titanium, Norr and Royal should be washed by hand. After washing the knife, rinse and dry them off straight away. Don’t soak the knives.

Cleaning knives


Other Fiskars knives can be washed in the dishwasher. However, make sure they do not come into contact with other utensils, dishes or cutlery, because this will cause damage to the cutting edge.

Small amount of rust may spread to steel products inside a dishwasher. This can be prevented by opening the dishwasher door to let the steam escape and dry the knives with a dry cloth after washing.


Storing knives

Most knives become blunt, if they are placed in a drawer and the cutting edge gets damaged by movement and contact with other items. This can also cause safety issues when storing sharp objects in a drawer with other items.

To keep you Fiskars knife sharp, place them in a knife block or on a magnetic wall rack.

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Storing knives

Sharpening knives

It is perfectly normal for a knife to need sharpening every once in a while. It is enough to either sharpen them at regular intervals or simply when they need it.

Fiskars knives made of steel have a hardness between HRC 52 and HRC 56, which makes them ideal for every household use. The harder the knife is, the longer it remains sharp but is more difficult to sharpen. By contrast, a softer blade is easier to re-sharpen, but gets blunt more quickly.

In addition to better cutting performance, a sharp and well-maintained knife is also a safety matter.

Sharpening knives

Fiskars Roll-Sharp™

Place Roll-Sharp on a flat surface and push the blade of the knife backwards and forwards through it, 15-20 times. Wash your knife after sharpening. Has a sharpening angle around 40 degree, it fits for most of kitchen knife angles and grinding types. Roll-Sharp is for all Fiskars knives except Titanium. 

Fiskars Sharpening steel/Whetstone™

Use 26 degree sharpening angle each way, and repeated on the both sides. Use long, even strokes. Ideal for Titanium knife range blade made of titanium.

Fiskars Roll-Sharp™ Fiskars Sharpening steel/Whetstone™
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