What is a whetstone?

Whetstone is the most professional way to sharpen any knife or other blades, like axes. Fiskars Whetstone Premium set includes a stone block with 1000/5000 grits, an easy to use angle guide for knives, a storage case and a polishing leather. See a quick video on how to use a whetstone, read our tips and become a professional knife sharpener.

How to use a whetstone?

To sharpen your knife with a whetstone, watch a quick video and follow these steps:

1. Start by soaking the whetstone in water for 5–10 minutes. Water will act as lubricant when you sharpen the knife.

How to use a whetstone?

2. When using the sharpening angle guide, the easiest way to start is by placing the angle guide close to the handle and then tightening the orange knob.

3. After soaking the whetstone place it in the non-slip holder with the grey/coarse grit (1000) facing upwards.

Now start sharpening

4. Hold the knife and angle guide so that the blade meets the stone. The angle guide is supposed to softly touch the stone together with the blade. Push back and forth across the stone with smooth and steady strokes.

5. Move the angle guide closer to the tip of the knife to sharpen the remaining parts of the blade.

6. After one side is done, turn the knife and repeat with the other side of the blade.

Now start sharpening

7. Now it’s time to turn the whetstone to finalize the sharpening, with the white/smooth grit (5000) facing upwards. Sharpen the whole length of the blade using the angle guide and repeat for both sides of the blade.

8. You’re almost done. Now remove the angle guide from the blade and rinse both the knife and the whetstone under running water and dry both with a cloth. Be careful, your knife is now super sharp!

9. Add a final touch by polishing the blade with the provided polishing leather. Place the leather on top of the stone with the rough side up and stroke the knife carefully along the leather 3–5 times on both sides.

Fiskars Whetstone™ Premium set: Features & benefits

Fiskars Whetstone is suitable for all stainless steel knives with a straight blade and is required to sharpen Fiskars Titanium knives.

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Fiskars Whetstone™ Premium set: Features & benefits

  • Whetstone has two grits 1000/5000. Both grits are used when sharpening a knife, first the coarse grit and second the fine grit.

  • Sharpening angle guide is designed for knives that have a 26° sharpening angle. If your knife has a different angle, we recommend using the whetstone without the angle guide.

  • The storage case keeps all items in the set safe in one place. Non-slip holder can be attached to the Whetstone when sharpening for added comfort and safety.

  • Polishing leather is used to finish the sharpening. Leather helps to remove any burr that is left on the edge of the blade after sharpening with the whetstone.

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