X-Series oscillating sprinkler (S-L)

Item #: 1070831
  • Fiskars X-Series™ Oscillating Sprinkler S-L provides the highest level of adjustability for optimal water usage
  • Ideal for even, precise watering of S-to-L-sized gardens and lawns, adjust coverage to avoid watering sidewalks, walls and more
  • Intuitive, non-slip controls adjust width, distance and direction
  • Infinite flow for full coverage control
  • Extra-large, rust-free filter keeps dirt and debris from entering sprinkler, simply remove and rinse to clean
  • Soft spray nozzles are easy to wipe clean, and included nozzle cleaning tool helps you clean clogs instantly
  • Removable end cap allows you to easily flush sprinkler clean
  • Durable metal base for stability
  • Leg pivots for easy, compact storage with integrated hang hole
  • Frost resistant when drained
  • Universal quick connector, works with other brands
  • Coverage max. 16m - 21m (340m²)

Enjoy even, efficient, precise watering while optimising your water usage with the incredibly adjustable Fiskars X-Series™ Oscillating Sprinkler, S-L. Quickly set up and configure the width, distance and direction of your sprinkler's water coverage with intuitive, non-slip controls, including infinitely adjustable flow for full coverage control. Designed for long-lasting, optimal performance, this sprinkler features a removable, extra-large, rust-free filter than prevents dirt and debris from entering the sprinkler tube and an included nozzle cleaning tool helps you clean any clogs. Soft spray nozzles are simple to wipe clean, and a detachable end cap allows you to easily flush the sprinkler clean. The durable metal base offers excellent stability, and its pivoting leg and integrated hang hole allow for easy, compact storage. Universal quick connector works with other brands.

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