Waterwheel XL Manual Reel-in Hose set
Waterwheel XL Manual
Waterwheel XL Manual Reel-in Hose set
Hose Installation

Waterwheel XL Manual Reel-in Hose set

Item #: 1062256
  • The Fiskars Waterwheel XL Manual Reel-in Hose is ready to use – with all parts included and pre-installed
  • Included 13mm (1/2”) outlet hose is 20m long
  • Free-standing placement and 360° rotation offer extra-wide watering area, while horizontal in-use design prevents tipping
  • Oscillator evenly allocates hose while reeling in
  • Large, foldable handle for comfortable reeling in
  • 360° function lock makes manual reeling easier
  • Soft, padded feet provide extra grip on ground or patio
  • Cart handle telescopes from 600 to 800mm for better ergonomics, and includes intuitive locking mechanism
  • Cart handle features SoftGrip™ for easy transport around garden/lawn
  • Soft-surface wheels provide simple, noiseless transport
  • Reel has maximum capacity of 19mm (3/4”) - 30m, 15mm (5/8'') - 40 m and 13mm (1/2'') - 50m.
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Universal fit – Fits with other brands

The innovative Fiskars Waterwheel XL Manual Reel-in Hose is an all-in-one hose reel, cart and hose set that is ready to make watering easier and more enjoyable, right out of the box. Place the Waterwheel XL anywhere in the garden, its unique horizontal setting and 360° rotation allow you to effortlessly reach all edges and corners of even large gardens without reel tipping, unlike traditional hose reels. Its soft, padded feet allow the reel to securely grip the ground. Reeling in the hose is quick and comfortable thanks to an integrated oscillator that ensures even hose distribution and a large, foldable, ergonomic reel handle. The Waterwheel XL includes 20 metres of durable colour-coded and UV-resistant hose of 13mm (1/2”). A SoftGrip™ handle and soft-surface wheels make the attached cart comfortable to transport and simple to maneuver on a variety of surfaces.

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