Meet the new Fiskars X-series™ splitting axes

New, wider splitting wedge

Optimized blade geometry drives deeper, splits faster, and makes the blade easier to remove from wood.

Even more durable

With an inseparable head-to-handle connection and a large overstrike protection area, the FiberComp™ handle is virtually unbreakable.

Extra-large grip area

Oversized SoftGrip™ zone features strategic texturing for maximum comfort and control.

What makes Fiskars axes world famous

Sharp blades (that stay sharp)

Fiskars axe blades feature a unique precision-ground edge for extreme sharpness that more easily penetrates wood. The blades are also double-hardened for optimal strength and longer-lasting sharpness.

Optimized performance

A perfectly balanced axe feels better and flows effortlessly. That’s why our X-series axes are optimized for centre of gravity, naturally increasing your power. Their FiberComp™ shafts are incredibly lightweight, allowing you to keep chopping for longer with your full attention focused on strike accuracy.

Extreme safety & durability

Fiskars axes are virtually unbreakable. Extremely strong FiberComp™ shafts are paired with inseparable head connections and enhanced overstrike protection. This combination prevents all of the common problems associated with axe reliability and stability. Our X-series axes are proudly backed by a 25-year warranty.

X-Series™ axes are ready for anything

Feel confident in choosing Fiskars

Over 370 years of axe expertise

High-quality hand tools and axes have been crafted in the Village of Fiskars since 1649, building on 370 years of axe expertise.

Made in Finland

All Fiskars X-Series™ axes are proudly manufactured with care and expertise in the Billnäs factory in Finland.