Norden Grill Chef cast iron cooking plate (30cm)

Item #: 1066432
  • Lasting Nordic design, inspired by nature
  • Durable cast iron plate is ideal for cooking pancakes, fish or vegetables on the grill or over open flame
  • Two layers of enamel and unique Thermium™ mineral treatment makes cooking surface very easy to clean and care for
  • Bottom legs provide stability while cooking and serving
  • Not recommended for use with metal utensils, heatproof up to 270°C
  • For outdoor use on a grill or open fire
  • Part of the stackable Norden Grill Chef system
  • Norden combines simple elements with attractive, modern aesthetics
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Handwash only
  • Designed in Finland

Born of a long heritage of craftsmanship and firmly rooted in the soil of the north, Fiskars Norden Grill Chef incorporates traditional, fresh, outdoor Nordic cooking into your modern lifestyle. The incredibly durable and easy-care Norden Grill Chef cooking plate, 30 cm is made of cast iron with two layers of enamel and a unique Thermium™ mineral treatment, making it very easy to clean. Bottom lets provide stability while cooking on the grill or over open flame and for serving. This plate, along with the Grill Chef Pot and Grill Chef basket/steamer, allows you to add flame-kissed or wood-fired flavour to nearly any dish, whether grilled, simmered, fried, steamed or roasted. The stackable pieces in the Norden Grill Chef system are designed and crafted of long-lasting materials to beautifully expand your kitchen into the great outdoors. Designed in Finland.

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