More power. Less effort.

Why our 4th generation axes are a cut above the rest.

More power. Less effort.

Why our 4th generation axes are a cut above the rest.

Bigger Better Selection

A bigger, better selection than ever

Thanks to our newest model, the X21, you now have a bigger range of axes to choose from than ever before. This means no matter your size, or your level of expertise, or the diameter of logs you’re splitting, we have the perfect axe for you. And if you frequently do axe work and need a lightweight axe to split logs super fast and super efficiently, you’ll love the X21. Check it out today. 

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A bigger, better selection than ever

Three simple steps for finding the right size axe: 

Step 1. Take the online test

Do the online test and get a preliminary listing of the best possible axe sizes for you. Then email or print the result and bring it with you when you perform the store trial. 

Step 2. Check out the video guide

Once you’ve got your list of options, you need to check which axe is best for you in reality. Watch the guidance video below to find out how to do that. 

Step 3. Go to your local store

Now you know how to test the axes once you get hold of them, visit your local store.

choose axe

Step 2. Choose the perfect Axe

Once you’ve got your list of options, you need to check which axe is best for you in reality. 

With too heavy axe you can´t deliver powerful strikes repeatedly. You lose accuracy and get exhausted quickly, risking your own safety. That´s why it is important to test that the axe is ideal in weight and length for you. 

Step 2. Choose the perfect Axe

store locator

Step 3. Find your nearest store

There you can check out our newest range and perform the final test to get a feel for which axe model is perfect for you.

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Step 3. Find your nearest store

Safe splitting technique

The safe usage of axe requires correct splitting block height, sturdy standing position and controlled splitting technique. NOTE: Always wear safety googles, long trousers and high shaft shoes or boots.

How to safely split logs

If your splitting block is too low and you miss the log, you’ll have less time to react. This is because of the shorter distance and the direction of the axe swing. These factors increase the potential of serious injury to your legs, so always make sure your splitting block is high enough. 

How to sharpen your axe

The easiest way to sharpen your axe is by using our Xsharp sharpener. Firstly, choose the angle for your axe blade, and then do between three to five even, horizontal strokes. To make sure the blade is sharp enough, simply see if you can carve a mark on the surface of a log.

How to split logs with one strike

To ensure you split your logs faster and more efficiently, be sure to avoid brank marks. Where possible, always target on cracks that are already visible. This way you’ll get a lot more one strike splits. 

How to use a sappie when splitting logs

It’s easy to tire your arms and back when splitting logs. By using your sappie to lift logs onto the block you can save yourself from unnecessary aches and strains. Once you need to use your axe, you can simply stick your sappie into the side of the block. 

New X-serie Axes

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Chopping Axe XXS X5

Fiskars next generation chopping axes serve all manner of woodwork, chopping, carpentry and pruning. The range delivers a beautiful package of minimalist design and sharp-edged functionality with the right fit for all wood preparation tasks. Pick your size according to the task at hand. The Universal Chopping Axes thin, wide edged blades ensure a clean, easy cut in fresh, resinous wood, like spruce or pine.Chopping Axe XXS-X5 is suitable for kindling small wood for a campfire. The belt clip and small size make it handy to carry even on your waist. Great and very versatile tool to replace larger knife when trekking.

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